Roulette systems are often touted as a way of ensuring success when playing in web casinos. However, whether or not you use online roulette systems is totally your own choice – and you need to weigh up the risks and rewards attached to the classic gaming strategies. It’s fair to say that many gamers have used roulette systems to make cool casino profits, and thousand of gamers are using profitable roulette strategies on the web today. However, it’s also true that roulette systems contain risks, and some gamers are not as lucky or disciplined as others – meaning they don’t find success using the systems.

Smart-play with roulette systems
When playing systematic roulette, it’s imperative to prepare for the worst case scenario (that you could blow your bank). For casual roulette gamers, playing with a strict weekly leisure budget is the ideal safety mechanism. As an example, you may have a maximum leisure budget of £20 per week in an online casino. Now – so long as you’re happy to spend the cash in pursuit of entertainment, you can essentially play roulette systems with no risk. Once you’ve established this level of discipline, you can look to implement the systems and potentially make fast roulette profits. If you do get unlucky and lose – you’ll only be out of action for less than a week and still be able to smile!

Most gamers will hit losing runs and sessions – but implementing some simple tips can help you boost your chances……….

> Use a low roulette credit size
> Play quickly to lever low wagers into good profits
> Use a stop-loss max liability level with roulette systems
> Skim 50% of your profits and build you bank with the other half
> Don’t get too greedy – use a sensible profit target for each roulette session

Classic roulette systems
There are numerous ways to play roulette strategically. However, one of the most sophisticated (but still easy to use) systems is the Dozen Attack System. Check out how to use the strategy that is predicted to have a strike rate of around than 99.8%……….

> Bet 1 unit red and 1 unit black to spin for ‘free’
> Note down the patterns of low, middle and high section wins (such as, M, M, L, H…)
> When you hit a series of 5 spins with one of the zones not winning – attack the table by betting on the missing zone. Use a progressive betting ladder, and cease wagering when you strike success………

Bet number Wager value
1 £1
2 £2
3 £3
4 £4
5 £6
6 £9
7 £13
8 £20
9 £30
10 £45
11 £67

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Web roulette has just been voted as the most popular online table game of all time in a recent poll of of recreational and intermediate web gamers. What's more, the game's responsiveness to casino systems was highlighted as a major reason for the game's amazing popularity. Take a look at the facts behind roulette strategy, and check out the classic Martingale roulette system and take it for a spin………

The ins and outs of strategic roulette

The roulette table can be approached with plucky single number bets (one of them has to win!), or a range of progressively higher probability selection (all the way to the 'near' 50:50 even money wagering scenarios). If you take a look at some of Las Vegas' biggest roulette wins, you'll soon see that even money betting is usually the ultimate 'big money shot' of choice.

For example, while lucky gamblers may turn a small wager into hundreds by getting lucky with single numbers and high odds wagers – when it comes to crunch time, they invariably opt for bets on red or black. The reason is simple – it's the closest thing to flipping coins as you can get and you have an excellent chance of winning.

Naturally – you odds of winning get even better if you analyse the spins and try and make bets based on logic and statistics. For example, if you played a game of heads or tails with a coin, you'd be shocked if out of 5 or 6 flips – they were all heads or tails! It's the same with roulette – and that's why roulette systems exist, and can frequently work.

The Martingale roulette system

The Martingale system is the oldest and most infamous casino system, used for hundreds of years by sneaky gamers trying to legally rob the casino. To use the system, follow the easy-play steps below:

Step 1> Place a 1 credit bet on red/black or odds/evens
Step 2> If you win – start a new series; if you lose, go to step 3
Step 3> Double your wager to 2 credits and re-spin on the same bet
Step 4> Keep doubling-up and re-spinning until you win
Step 5> Use a stop-loss limit and quit when you hit it/re-start (such as 6 bets max)

Advantages of Martingale roulette?

The Martingale system can deliver regular winning roulette sessions, and the chances of the system failing are small. If you game with a chain length of 6-8 bets, the odds of all the bets being the same colour are very low. During a successful roulette session, you can repeat the system very quickly to pile up 1 credit wins – which can stack up into significant sums of money. Many gamers claim to scoop £50 plus per session.

Risks of Martingale roulette?

While Martingale roulette can be very effective – it can also be inherently risky! The system can hit unlucky sessions, forcing you to quit/re-start with 1 credit spins. You must be prepared for the losing sessions if you want to make the system work in the long-term. Use the following roulette tips to improve your chances………

> Game with a small bank of cash you can afford to lose
> If the roulette system works, you'll soon have a healthy bank and be able to game with bigger stakes, with little risk should you get unlucky
> Skim your winnings on a regular basis (such as at the end of each week)
> Always know your roulette risks and limits – and stick to them! 
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